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Global Ship Management Solutions

At Rigel understanding ship-owner requirements and expectations and then making them our core responsibility is what truly allows us to provide, effective solutions. We focus on balancing cost- efficiency, quality, management systems, and flexibility. We are aware that the customer’s trust can be obtained by making sure smooth performance of services is always delivered in a timely manner with dedication.

As a company, Rigel Marine follows the concept of quality management and quality assurance. Since the beginning till date, we have continued to upgrade the ship quality control system with the help of our team, and with the same spirit we have made our benchmark in various other counties and now we are a huge team with many channel partners. Empanelled with the government of India and PSU`s Rigel Marine actively provides services from its various other branch offices mentioned below to a number of ship owners located worldwide:- India, UAE, Singapore, and Norway.


Fly-Hi: Crew Travel Partner

Fly-Hi Maritime is a global TMC known for offering comprehensive travel solutions worldwide. Accredited by IATA and holding patents in Singapore and the USA for unique technology, we operate around the clock, 365 days a year. Our services include ticketing, visa assistance for all nationalities, insurance, flag endorsements, and hotel accommodations in over 20 countries. Serving Fortune companies, we offer access to local fares in 80 countries and collaborate with 166 LCC carriers, ensuring competitive pricing and OK-to-Board services.


TReFL: Freight forwarding partner

The Global Expertise Build With Trust & Experience! At TReFL, we are committed to crafting personalized innovative Logistics solutions that are beyond the conventional. We take pride in providing resolute and reliable support to the industry and trade in a global exchange of merchandise.
We are a young Company coupled with dynamic individuals with decades of experience and unmatched expertise in the field of Logistics, Shipping, and chartering.


JOCO: Digital Travel Partner

JOCO “Just One Click Only” is The Ground-breaking, Automated, Cost-Efficient and Transparent Travel Management platform catering to Marine, Off-shore and Corporate Travel Industry. JOCO is granted US PATENT and SINGAPORE PATENT for innovative and novel solutions offered through web-based application, powered by AI, ML and Block Chain Technology.

Mission and Vision


To empower ship owners with sustainable and efficient ship management solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to drive decarbonization, safety, and operational excellence.


To be a global leader in sustainable and innovative ship management, setting new benchmarks in decarbonization, safety, and efficiency, while creating value for our clients, stakeholders, and the maritime industry


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Adhering to current requirements of ISO Quality Standards, ISM Code, and applicable statutory requirements. Promoting a safety culture & protection of the marine environment in every AMM team member through effective training. Ensuring that integrated Quality & Safety objectives are communicated, understood, operative, effective, and continually reviewed for their suitability. Identification, reporting, and recording of service delivery. Reflecting our commitment to respond immediately to problems/emergencies, continual improvement, customer needs, and stakeholder value.



We are committed to protecting the environment in particular marine related activity. We believe that every individual has a significant role and contributes through his/her actions to the overall goal of maintaining a cleaner environment. We ensure through our policies that the environmental objectives are communicated, understood, operative, effective, and continually reviewed for their suitability. We actively support initiatives that help to move towards this goal.



Safe practices in ship operation and a safe working environment. Compliance with mandatory rules & regulations. Observing applicable codes, guidelines & standards. Continuous improvement through review of identified risks to shipping operation and efficiency preparedness for safety & pollution prevention.