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Our History

Our History

Reliable Ship Management Solutions

From our humble beginnings to our present-day status, Rigel Marine has rapidly evolved into a globally recognized and trusted leader in the commercial ship management industry. We have expanded our network across more than 5 countries and have successfully managed the careers of approximately 2000 dedicated crew members.

We have recruited nearly 2000 skilled officers and ratings across various ranks, serving on a diverse range of vessels, including tankers, Ro-Ro ships, containers, bulk carriers, and VLCCs, tailored to meet our clients' unique requirements.
Our team is comprised of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who are driven by a deep passion for their work. Over the years, we have consistently delivered the highest levels of client satisfaction, earning us a sterling reputation in the field of ship management.
In line with our commitment to diversity, we have not only recruited Indian nationals but also seafarers from various other countries such as the Philippines, Croatia, Bangladesh, and more. This reflects our belief in the strength of a multicultural workforce.

Thanks to our unwavering commitment to business loyalty, transparency, and the tailored services we offer to our esteemed principals, we take pride in having esteemed ship owners as valued clients. Our company is dedicated to ensuring the secure and cost-effective operation of their vessels while adhering to rigorous international safety and environmental protection standards.

We hold a strong belief that the seamless operation of any vessel & the Success at sea hinges on having the most qualified individuals in their respective positions.
To achieve this, we employ a robust and dependable selection process that ensures we choose the most suitable candidates.